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Mason McLaughlin

Mason is an 8 year old grey belt hailing out of Torrance, CA and training under the instruction of Professor Andre "Alemao" Vasconcellos at Carlson Gracie South Bay.

Although only training jiu jitsu for approximately 2 years, Mason has quickly risen in the ranks of his division with unmatched success.  He is often referred to as a Prodigy due to his innate ability to quickly pick up advanced techniques or even developing them seemingly out of thin air.

After closing out 2022 with incredible success;

1. NABJJF - Ranked #1

2. SJJIF - Ranked #1

3. JJ World League - #1 Season Champion

Mason is currently ranked #1 for his weight/division in the IBJJF.

Mason also recently placed #7 in the state (CA) in wrestling of which he has only been training for about 6 months.

With his great attitude and ferocious appetite for always training - Mason is certain to become one of the all time greats in the jiu jitsu world.

You can follow Mason's journey on Instagram @mason_bjiujitsu

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