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Rome Todorovich

Rome "The Gladiator" Todorovich originates from war torn Serbia where he and his family fled the turmoil when he was very young.  They eventually made their way to the United States under extreme circumstances avoiding much peril along the way.  It is through this adversity that Rome has leaned on and attributes his drive throughout his MMA and Jiu Jitsu journey.

Rome trains at Carlson Gracie South Bay located in Torrance, CA having received his black belt in 2022 under Professor Andre Alemao Vasconcellos.  He is an avid competitor having won numerous medals at major tournaments in both Gi and No Gi.

Rome is always on the mats training for major events but often unselfishly takes time out each practice to help train everyone from beginners to black belts and even kids.  His attention to detail and commitment to others is unparalleled.

Although his black belt journey has just begun - you can bank on him winning a world title very soon.

You can follow along with Rome's journey on Instagram: @romethegladiator

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